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В начале апреля с 3 по 5 число, 2020 состоится открытие водного сезона в Польше ульрамарафоном Великая Сила на 115 км на реке Пилица.

Wielka Siła - Cross Maraton na Pilicy 115km
Маршрут марафона c 2 контрольными точками: Przedbórz-Sulejów-Tomaszów Maz.-Domaniewice, 115km

Старт: Przedbórz в 6-00

Контрольный пункт 1 — Sulejów — 44km — 4.5часа (для того, чтбы успеть в контрольное время надо держать среднюю скорость не менее 10.25км/ч)

Контрольный пункт 2 Tomaszów Mazowiecki — 73km — 8.5часов (для того, чтбы успеть в контрольное время надо держать среднюю скорость не мнее 8.9км/ч)

Финиш: Domaniewice — 13часов (и прибыть нп финиш  в 19:00 или раньше) (для того, чтбы успеть в контрольное время надо держать среднюб скорость не мнее 8.9км/ч)

Стартовый взнос 200 — 250 злотых в зависимости от времени подачи заявки.


  • C1MEN
  • C2MEN
  • C2MIX
  • C2WOM
  • C3WOM
  • K1MEN
  • K1WOM
  • K2MEN
  • K2MIX
  • K2WOM

Если в категории менее 5 участников она совмещается с другой категорией.

Практически все общение с организаторами и участниками марафона на польском, поэтому рекомендую подготовиться и расширить словарный запас польских слов.

Ниже описание которое по моей просьбе подготовили организаторы:

7th Polish Championships in Kayak Ultramarathon „Wielka Siła” („Great Force”) 115 km

  2. The goal of the event is to spread the knowledge about autism, to encourage the participation of women and children in kayak races, and to promote an active lifestyle and beautiful river Pilica.
  3. Event date: April 3-5, 2020
  4. Race date: April 4, 2020
  5. Polish Championships in Kayak Ultramarathon – the title of Champion receives every person, who wins in a given category. The fastest person wins!
  6. This is the race for every person who has brave heart and hard (…) 😉 One crew competes in one selected variant: Elite, Relay („Sztafeta”) or Max
  7. Race Elite, Relay

— distance 115 km, river Pilica between Przedbórz and Domaniewice

— open formula – all kayaks, touring and sports, as well as canoes are allowed.

— relay is composed of three crews.

— control points and time limits (counted from the exact start time):

— YMCA – 40 km – 4,5 h

— Tomaszów Mazowiecki – 73km – 8,5 h

— Domaniewice — finish – 115 km – 13 h

  1. Race Max divided into categories

— distance 73 km, river Pilica between Przedbórz and Tomaszów Mazowiecki

— only open to canoes and touring kayaks minimum 46 cm wide.

— split between polyethylene and laminate kayaks

— split into all T1 and T2 (touring) and age categories

— control points and time limits (counted from the exact start time):

Sulejów – 47 km – 6 h

Tomaszów Mazowiecki – 73 km – 10 h

  1. Race Max Family

— distance 40 km, river Pilica between Przedbórz and YMCA, time limit 6 h

— open exclusively to two-person crews (adult with a child 12 year old or younger)

— categories divided by the age of the child.

  1. Included for each confirmed participant: post-race party, a certificate confirming the race distance, a badge, starting number, accident insurance, safety watch at the Sulejowski Reservoir, food packs before start, food at control points, warm food on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, transport to the start and from the finish, handshake from the Race Leader.
  2. Participants who will pay the participation fee latest on March 8 will receive also: a race t-shirt, a race souvenir and medal
  3. There will be individual prizes drawn exclusively among participants who finished within their time limits and are physically present during prize drawing ceremony on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

The form of awarding the main prize – one or two Tedi Sport kayaks – will be decided by the prize founder together with the organizers. All participants together with race volunteers will have a chance to win one of the kayaks.

  1. All disputes are resolved by the Chief Referee. Do not read in the net, do not ask friends – if you want to get precise information  — call the one who knows: +48-530-201-111 😊
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to change or shorten the route due to weather conditions. This cannot be considered to be a change of these regulations and is motivated by concerns for health and safety or participants.
  3. Additional prize for the best team is a Tedi Sport Kayak. Nice, right?


  1. Race Leader: Dariusz Łapiński tel. 602-136-398, crossmaratonpilica@gmail.com
  2. Race Deputy Leader: Jan Bielecki tel. 501-396-229
  3. Race Deputy Leader: Łukasz Gołębiowski tel. 510-630-069
  1. Chief Referee: Małgorzata Bychowska tel. 530-201-111

Контакт организатора:

+48 602 136 398 Дариуш Лапински


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